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Royd Hendriks
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Vacancy: Head Coach

 You as head coach:
• Between 2020 and 2025 will lead the most ambitious rugby club of the Netherlands to the BENE-Cup;
 • Will develop the first team so that it can compete for the national championship in the “ere-klasse”;
 • Will also ensure that the second team is promoted and sustained in, at least, the second class.
All this working together with the Technical Committee ensuring:
• A wide Selection fed from club’s youth, currently consisting of at least 2 teams per age group;
• Support for the Selection by attracting international talent;
 • Well-led senior teams (3 men and 1 ladies);
 • A contribution to the club where everyone feels welcome and enjoys.

You know what you need to do to achieve our goals, because:
• You have done this before at a demonstrable/similar level;
• You are skilled at rugby -technically, -tactically, and -strategically;
• and can convey this well;
• You know what it's like to have achieved these goals and would like to share that;
• You don't believe you can do this on your own, but with a team, for and with "the first XV";
• You know where in the world you can get the right help for the necessary reinforcement;
• You see the importance of a club that's behind you.

Besides being eternally remembered in RFC Haarlem’s annals, we have further compensation which we would gladly discuss when you apply…
Haarlem RFC, The Netherlands

Start as of 1 June 2020.

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