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Rebecca To
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  • Establish a team vision and team culture, standards and protocols that fit within the goals of the State and ensure that there is a shared understanding and adoption of the team vision, culture, standards and protocols by all Team and Team Management members.
  • Provide leadership of the team and team management through effective interpersonal communication and the ability to address difficult problems and decisions appropriately.
  • Build and maintain strong working relationships with the Team and Team Management, both individually and as a group, using a range of communication styles and media.
  • Assist in the development of coaches in the State of NSW.
  • Work alongside the General Manager of Professional Rugby in building a whole of Rugby Program mentality in staffing and programming

Squad Selection, Team Selection and Preparation

  • Identify all players in contention for selection for the NSW Waratahs Team and advise NSW Rugby of such players by the date required by the NSW Waratahs.
  • Be a key contributor in the recruitment of players and work as part of a team to identify and secure key personnel both domestically and internationally.
  • Monitor and assess the performance of all players in contention for selection, including consultation with Premiership Coaches, Coaches from various global competitions, age grade coaches, Specialist Resource Coaches and Rugby Australia Coaches, and provide such player assessment information to Rugby Australia as requested.
  • Select a squad of players for the NSW Waratahs Team in accordance with the selection policies, protocols and process as determined and advised by the NSW Waratahs.
  • Maintain discretion and confidentiality regarding Squad and Team selection consideration, including discussions with players about their performance and ensuring that promises or guarantees of selection are not made to any player.
  • Select the playing team to play each match from within the selected initial Waratahs squad, and any approved replacement players.

Team Method

  • Prepare a comprehensive selection plan, and a periodised coaching and fitness training programme for the team, with input as necessary from Team Management.
  • Oversee the team fitness trainer to ensure that the players are provided with an appropriate fitness and training programme for them to attain the required level of fitness.
  • Ensure that, following consultation and advice from the team doctor and physiotherapist of the NSW Waratahs, each player’s welfare, health and safety is given priority at all times.
  • Fully utilise all available technologies to analyse, understand and develop individual and team performance
  • Manage your management and playing team to conduct in–depth analysis of individual players, the team and the opposition.
  • Develop appropriate game plans, review and measure individual and team performance against these plans and grow others within your coaching team to do the same.

Team Training

  • Provide technical and tactical coaching to individual players and mini-units within the Team as appropriate.
  • Use and facilitate the use of technical specialist coaches where required.
  • Work with your coaching team to develop well-structured training sessions that provide team progressions in the areas of:
    • Set play
    • Attack
    • Defence
    • Open play


  • Assist in the development of clear and appropriate team protocols and standards in conjunction with team management and players; ensure they are met and maintained both on and off the field.

Player Development & Appraisal

  • Provide support for the Professional Development Programme.
  • Undertake and record player performance expectations with each player before the season.
  • Monitor and assess individual player performance and development, including use of analytical tools during the season.
  • Provide regular performance and development review feedback to each player with reference to match analysis information during the season.

NSW Waratahs/Rugby Australia/NRC/Premiership Relationships

  • Work closely with the NRC teams to develop individual players for the betterment of NSW Rugby.
  • Consult and discuss with the Rugby Australia selectors on individual player’s development and performance assessments, including playing position(s).
  • Advocate on behalf of players, promoting their ability and performance as and where appropriate.
  • Build relationships with Super Rugby and Premiership Coaches and share best practice coaching and team management experiences as appropriate.


  • Be available and responsive to media requirements and requests to comment on Team matters as agreed and where appropriate.


  • Keep abreast of all game law changes and competition rules.
  • Ensure that players have an understanding and respect for the laws of the game. 
  • Maintain sound, professional working relationships with referees and touch judges.


  • Facilitate and participate in promotional or commercial activities with sponsors as directed by NSW Waratahs from time to time.
  • Work with the NSW Waratahs commercial and marketing teams to understand and ensure that commercial and broadcasting obligations relating to the Team are met.

Tenure period: 2-3 years

Essential Requirements

  • 3 + years Super Rugby / equivalent level across other international competitions
  • Proven record of performance as a Head Coach in Super rugby or equivalent level of competition
  • Willingness to live in Sydney
  • Works collectively as a team member for the team
  • Passion for development pathways and club rugby
  • Coaching accreditation levels of Level 3 (Australia) and/or equivalent

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