Boris Fournials | European Manager

Based in France, I have played rugby from a very young age. Rugby being such an international sport has allowed me to play in several countries around the world - France, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and a host of other countries travelled through my time playing. These expereinces have allowed me to experience Rugby on many different levels and helped me develop a very strong passion of the game personally.

The experiences I have acquired during my many travels have taught me a lot about the variety of values, lifestyle and this is why I recommend to all the players and coaches to go abroad and discover other cultures and other working methods through our game - Rugby. My goal is to to share my expereinces and expertise with others and help the rugby community travel, recruit, and develop just like I have and with my appointment as European Recrutment Manager for Rah Rah Rugby....I can't wait to help you!

Most of my senior rugby has been played in the South of France (CASTRES Top 14) and I am currently involved with a team in Federal 1 on the French West Coast.

I have a French government certificate for sport coaches and I have a teaching degree. 

Thank you. I look forward to working with you. 


Email: [email protected] 

Phone:+33 6 58 08 57 61

Skype:  boboty10