Bevan Ryan | European Recruitment Manager (South)

A New Zealander based in Italy, Bevan has played and coached rugby for over 35 years. His love of the game has allowed him to play professionally in New Zealand, Ireland and Italy.

Bevan believes that "the experience of playing in another country and embracing another culture, is second to none and the most Amazing adventure, a rugby player can under take. The new aftermatch rituals, the new family you inherit, and most importantly the best friends you make, is why i'm happily devoting my time to make sure you can experience, what I have already felt."

Bevan has always encouraged good Young players to look overseas for not only life experience but for the values and life opportunites you open yourself up to. Bevan is wanting to work with rugby people who seek adventure, cultural experience and game fullfillment.


Email: [email protected]

Phone:+39 3247752436

Skype: bevanp.ryan